SingularityU Denmark is dedicated to innovation with impact. The 5,000m2 innovation hub in the heart of Copenhagen Science City is home to social impactors, fast growing startups, corporates innovating on the edges, robots, biohackers, gadget gurus, thought leaders, researchers, futurists, and much, much more.

You can join the hub in many ways. Have your company offices with us. Attend one of our programs. Join an open community event. Use our buzzing conference facilities and faculty as a platform for hosting a great event, workshop, or strategy session. The possibilities are endless. This is your space to dare to dream, to experiment, and to innovate on the edges.

At SingularityU Denmark, we work closely with the Copenhagen-based accelerator thinkubator and the Singularity University accelerator programs at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley.

How will you join in?

Office Space

We have space for companies of all sizes. The hub is designed with plenty of opportunities for you including room to grow.

Flex Space

Flex spaces are available for individuals looking for a place to sit and run their business! It includes a variety of desks for you to choose between daily in an open, shared room.

Personal Membership

These individual memberships are for free agents and people who are looking to tap into the hub and its resources. You can get access to co-working and special parts of the hub.

“Copenhagen Science City already has a fantastic ecosystem with world class research facilities, thousands of students and researchers, and knowledge-intensive companies that are working to disrupt the way we do things today. SingularityU Denmark will be an important source of inspiration for businesses, researchers and students to create new breakthroughs.”

—Thomas Bjørnholm
Chairman, Copenhagen Science City and Prorector, University of Copenhagen

What you can do at SingularityU Denmark

Accelerate your business

Immerse yourself in a co-working environment where you will be pushed, stimulated, and inspired to shoot your company into the stratosphere. We have office space for all stages of startups including room for you to grow.

Learn from the best

Join the hub to engage with SU faculty and speakers from around the world. What you’ll learn and the experiences you’ll have are guaranteed to spark important conversations that can lead to valuable actions.

Experience magic

Interacting with the people and events at the hub is the stuff of magic. From robots dancing in the hallway to amazing ideas being exchanged over lunch and an ultra insane room, there is no telling what can happen.

Find top talent

Located in Copenhagen Science City, there are 40,000 students within a 1km radius, world class researches, and a strong network of startups from DARE2mansion and Symbion already in the area.

Experiment and play

Tap into our bio-hacker, makerspace, or innovation lab with loads of exponential technologies for you to tinker and play with. We have all the tools to make your dream a reality.

Unleash your potential

Taking care of body, mind, and soul is a secret to success. We have fitness and meditation rooms as well as a sustainable cafe serving up brain food to keep you energized and focused.

Apply to join the hub

We're scouting the best companies that should live in SingularityU Denmark!

If you're interested in living with us, or getting a membership, fill out the contact form and tell us a little bit more about yourself.

You can also recommend awesome companies that you think should be on our radar! We're always looking for companies that are using accelerating technologies to create scalable positive impact.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Meet some of our cool companies



Be My Eyes


Edison Law








Rehfeld Medical



Of Course Off Course


“The network and facilities of SingularityU Denmark are incredible. Being part of the hub empowers us to further achieve our aspiration of making the world more accessible to millions of blind and visually impaired people around the world.”

—Christian Erfurt
CEO, Be My Eyes

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