Jan Madsen

Jan Madsen is a professor in computer-based systems and vice-deputy at the department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). 

His research interests include modelling, analysis and design of microelectronic, microfluidic and microbiological computing systems. Jan’s research mainly focuses on design tools and methods for multi core microelectronic computer systems. In this field, he is co-inventor and holder of two patents of a self-healing computer architecture that was validated together with JPL NASA, California, for a satellite instrument application. Based on this, he co-founded the spin-out company Biomicore (2012-2015). Jan is also heading a research group on Embedded Systems Engineering.

Since 2008, Jan’s team has pioneered research in design methods and compilers for microfluidic biochips. He is currently developing cheap and accessible Point-of-Care diagnostic devices based on printing miniature biochemical laboratories on paper, which can be operated from a smartphone.

In recent years Jan has also applied his knowledge of computer systems to synthetic biology with the aim to build tools for biomolecular computing machines. He is currently developing a genome compiler to re-program living cells, thus contributing to research on the human DNA.

He is an internationally recognized expert in information and communication technology for e.g. Horizon 2020, the biggest EU research and innovation program. Jan is a SU Alumni from 2013 and has co-founded the SingularityU Copenhagen Chapter and “Danske Ideer” which is the Danish SU Global Impact Challenge competition and learning platform.


  • Networks
  • Computing
  • IoT
  • Synthetic Biology

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